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Phosphate coatings are used to treat iron and steel surfaces and produce a chemical conversion coating which improves the oil retention and lubrication performance of applied lubricant films or provides an excellent base for other processes.

Benefits of phosphating include corrosion resistance and the prevention of metal to metal contact and thus the reduction of galling, the reduction of torque force, and prevention of seizure. Phosphated articles are used in industries worldwide. They have been used in the oil and gas industry and in the manufacture of industrial fasteners, torque tensioner equipment and other components for industrial machinery.

Phosphating is also used in the manufacture of precision engineering applications and turbine engine casings. Surface preparation by way of “Bead” or “Abrasive” blasting is carried out when called for in client specifications. Bead blasting is mainly utilised in the preparation of intricate stainless steel components prior to the application of spray/bake coatings.

Abrasive blasting using aluminium oxide is carried out primarily to carbon steel components to provide a sound clean surface suitable for coating with phosphate and/or spray/bake coatings.