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Electroless Nickel/Enlube

Electroless Nickel is used because of its unique combination of physical properties, particularly those of hardness and corrosion resistance in aggressive conditions. Electroless nickel gives excellent uniformity of deposition and can be coated onto steel, aluminium and brass.

It provides an excellent corrosion barrier. It has a high hardness value and therefore provides good abrasion and wear resistance. Electroless nickel also reduces galling and absorbs electromagnetic interference. It also has the benefit of being able to choose the phosphorous level by solution control.

Electroless nickel is used to great effect in the computing and telecommunications industries where great use is made from its electromagnetic shielding abilities. It is also widely used in the offshore oil and gas, hydraulics, marine, aerospace, printing, electronics, food processing and automotive industries. Another area where electroless nickel is used is in the repair of valves, actuators and metal seals.

Enlube is an Electroless Nickel composite plating process incorporating up to 33% PTFE. The PTFE is uniformly dispersed throughout the deposit and the coatings have non-stick, low friction properties. It can be plated over high phosphorous electroless nickel, is highly wear and corrosion resistant and provides a very low friction surface.