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Copper Plating

Copper is commonly used throughout the offshore – oil and gas industry as a solution to galling problems on stainless steel couplings and threads. Copper is also used extensively in the manufacture of circuit boards.

Copper Coated Threads

There are many benefits to coating with copper.

  • Good electrical conductivity. Copper has nearly the same electrical conductivity as silver but at a far lower cost.
  • Anti-galling: Copper solves the galling problems that come with threaded couplings.
  • Copper is highly corrosion resistant.
  • There are many applications for copper coatings in industry.
  • Copper is applied as a masking material in the case hardening
  • process used in the manufacture of engineering components.
  • Copper is also widely used in the manufacture of couplings,
  • threads and seal surfaces for offshore and general engineering.